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Topicus.Healthcare is on a mission to connect people, healthcare professionals, providers, commissioners and financers. Our aim is to contribute towards a better balanced healthcare system by people and patient empowerment, community engagement and operational excellence according to the quadruple aim.

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The prevention network

The Netherlands is a pioneer in population screening and prevention programs, which are nationally funded and governed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The Dutch RIVM is well acknowledged internationally and is world-leading with publications on cancer screening in the international prevention network.

Youth healthcare in the Netherlands is aimed at promoting, protecting and safeguarding health, growth and physical and mental development of children and young people (0-18 years): disease prevention.

Our work fields

We have focused on various target groups:

Population screening

Breast, colorectal and cervical cancer screening.

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Infectious disease control

Tuberculosis control

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Youth health care

Digital youth file and parents' portal.

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Improving the effectiveness of screenings continuously

The screening platform of Topicus provides care providers and laboratories with operational excellence, effective planning and logistics and timely information. The platform identifies, for example, bottlenecks in the process, measures and improves the effectiveness of screenings continuously.

* Higher quality of life

we have been able to contribute to the reduction in mortality and in cost savings in the field of healthcare.

* Efficient and complete process

We are able to cleverly identify bottlenecks in the process and measure and improve the effectiveness of screenings. 

* Automated process steps

We set up our software specifically for each popuscreening and we also take care of the connection to the systems of all institutions involved.

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